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NearFieldCommunication.org aims to provide accurate, factual information about the growth of near field communication and how it relates to you.

We strive to offer insightful information that keeps you informed on both the benefits and possible drawbacks of this evolving technology. Throughout this site you will learn what near field communication is, where it came from, how it’s grown, and what it has to offer to individuals and businesses.

We look at this emerging technology from the point of view of both the individual consumer interested in how near field communication can make her life easier and also from the point of view of businesses both large and small considering the incorporation of near field communication technology into their stores. Whether for profit or personal use, you can find ways that near field communication can prove useful in helping your customers or accomplishing your own shopping needs faster.

We cover the more well-known uses for NFC technology, such as paying at the cash register with your smartphone, and the less known yet equally interesting uses in everything from sharing games to improving health care. NFC technology isn’t aimed at one specific goal or area, but instead serves as a new form of communication that is limited only by the imaginations of the manufacturers and scientists who design and develop it.

With any new technology comes a lot of questions, and NearFieldCommunication.org is here to answer those questions for you. We get right down to the nuts and bolts of how this technology works as well as how you can install it on your own compatible smartphone or tablet. You’ll learn how to locate stores in your area that accept payment using near field communication. You’ll also find a section of frequently asked questions and guides to security concerns revolving around near field communication along with how this technology strives to keep your information safe.

Through quality content we aim to educate others about near field communication, or NFC for short. Whether you want to become an expert on the subject and incorporate this technology into your business or simply want to know more about using your smartphone like a credit card, you’ve come to the right place.