NFC Interactivity

With near field communication comes a new level of interactivity advertisers can use to sell products. Having interactive products lets consumers become more engaged in the buying process and shoppers enjoy the reward of a bonus coupon or extra content. NFC technology can provide this extra content by placing NFC tags on ads, signs, or even the product itself.

A recent development has placed NFC tags inside book covers. The shopper scans the book cover with her smartphone and is taken to a website or other destination with extra content. The shopper can access this content for free whether or not they buy the book.

This benefits sellers in two ways. First, the shopper is getting an extra bonus from the book with no pressure to buy. This extra bonus content, like a coupon or discount, can convince the shopper that the product is worth the price. Secondly, the shopper may want to use the content with the book itself and will buy the book after seeing that this extra interactive content is useful.

Soon other ways of using NFC technology for interactivity will appear. Real estate signs can hold NFC tags that not only provide information about the property for sale, but let the potential buyer take a virtual tour, browse through pictures of the interior, and view floor plans.

Just as shoppers are more likely to buy a car when they’ve taken it for a test drive, being able to test drive a purchase through interactive content can help more customers purchase a product and will boost business sales.

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