Best Android NFC Apps

Android smartphones can take advantage of several NFC application designed for everything from reading NFC tags to swapping business cards with another NFC compatible device. Download one or more of these popular Android apps to your Android smartphone and start seeing how near field communication can benefit you and make everyday tasks a little easier.

NFC TagInfo

NFC tags are very inconscipous, and might show up in places you never expected. Whether you’ve seen NFC tags on a smart poster or are curious whether that square on the back of your new library book is hiding an NFC tag, this app will pick up the tag’s info and tell you all you need to know about what it is and what it does.

NFC TagWriter by NXP

The NFC TagWriter lets you add your own content to your NFC tags. If you need to add a new phone number to your business card or want to create a URL for your company’s smart poster, this app will do it for you. You can also read the contents of an existing NFC tag and keep records of tags you’ve read and written.

WiFiTap WiFi NFC

This WiFi app combines WiFi and NFC so your friends and family can connect to your wireless network quickly and easily. Instead of typing in the username and password to connect, friends can simply wave their smartphone over your NFC tag and connect instantly. No need to type in passwords on cramped phone keyboards.

NFC Task Launcher

NFC Task Launcher focuses on creating different types of NFC tags. You can create task tags that cause a certain action to happen when scanned, URL tags for launching websites, and create several other tag types including URI tags and text tags.

NFC Classic Tag Reader Writer

For those who simply want to read NFC tags with no extra frills attached, the Android marketplace has the NFC Classic Tag Reader Writer. You can read and save NFC tag information and set up peer-to-peer connections with friends.