How to Join the NFC Forum

Businesses and non-profit organizations may be interested in becoming a member of the NFC Forum, the group that sets the standards for near field communication technology. Explore the different memberships, benefits, and how to apply below to find out if joining the NFC Forum is the right step for your business or organization. For those interested in the future development of near field communication and its specifications, joining the NFC Forum gives your company up-to-date information about upcoming changes as well as a say in how NFC continues to evolve.

Membership Types

Five membership levels exist within the NFC Forum. Each includes a varying level of benefits. Determining how you want to involve near field communication with your business or non-profit organization will help you choose which membership level is the best match for your company.

Membership levels include sponsor members, principal members, associate members, implementer members, and non-profit members. Regardless of which group you join, all members of the NFC Forum are entitled to the following, among other benefits:

  • Access to the NFC Forum member website
  • Forum specifications
  • Ability to attend certain members-only meetings
  • Access to technical information and research
  • NFC logo for your website

Membership Benefits

In addition to the basic benefits that all members receive, different levels receive different benefits designed that best fit those who would join each group. First is the sponsor level. Sponsors must pay a $50,000 annual fee and will receive a Board of Directors seat, unlimited participation in meetings, rights to appoint voting representatives, and other key benefits that control the direction the NFC Forum and NFC standards take in the future. Current sponsor members include Samsung Electronics, Visa, Microsoft, and Nokia, among several others.

Prinicpal members also can assign voting representatives, suggest changes and modifications the NFC developments, and participate in meetings. The price for a principal membership is $25,000 a year.

The associate membership rings in at $10,000 a year and includes a limited number of meetings and access to the latest information in development as it becomes available.

Implementer members pay $5,000 a year and are involved in the NFC Forum’s ecosystem activities. This membership comes with certain information and participation rights to ecosystem related business matters.

The non-profit membership costs only $1,500 a year and is aimed at non-profit organizations. Benefits are the same as the associate membership package with the exception that non-profit members can have only one participant at face-to-face meetings.

How To Join

Joining the NFC Forum is a multi-step process. Businesses and organizations should first choose the membership level that meets their needs and financial budget for yearly dues. Next, your business should download a membership application from the NFC Forum website and review the rules and policies. Completing the application and returning it will finish the application process and your business or organization will be added to the NFC Forum members list.

Join the NFC Forum