Current Trends in Near Field Communication

NFC technology is a fine concept, but can it work outside of theory? With several big name companies on-board, the future seems promising. Google, PayPal, MasterCard, and several other corporations have ventured into the realm of near field communication or are at least testing the waters.

MasterCard PayPass

Certain MasterCards offer PayPass, a contactless payment service that works with Google Wallet. After applying and being approved for a PayPass credit card, the owner can load the credit card information into Google Wallet on her smartphone and pay using NFC at any shop that supports this contactless payment technology.

Google Wallet

Though separate from PayPass, Google Wallet is currently the only way to use a PayPass credit card from a smartphone and only accepts PayPass credit cards. In the future as more companies turn to contactless payment methods, other big name brands may add their credit cards to Google Wallet or develop their own apps for storing credit card information and facilitating NFC payments.


PayPal utilizes NFC technology to let users bump smartphones together to transfer money or make payments. The technology is still limited, though PayPal already offers customers the ability to make mobile payments over a Wi-Fi connection. It is currently looking to expand its NFC technology for more payment options.

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Visa is currently looking into NFC technology, as are other large brands. As the technology grows in popularity, more companies are offering credit cards and smartphones that work together through near field communication. Before companies can jump on this technology, businesses first need to upgrade to the card readers designed for NFC payments. Without the readers, having a NFC smartphone does little good for customers.

Visa Puts Its Weight Behind New Smartphone Payment Systems


Though not confirmed, Apple is expected to release NFC technology for upcoming iPhones. By jumping on the NFC bandwagon, Apple could offer more services to its customers and push for more businesses to offer NFC contactless payment systems as a form of customer payment.

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